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Readby - Listen to Everything


I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I always loved reading, but like everyone else, my attention span is shot and I have difficulty focusing on a book. Listening to books on audible makes it much easier for me to read. Still, there is still so much content online that is only available in text format. I find myself searching for solutions to collect all of the interesting articles and essays I see on Twitter. I save them to Pocket, I throw them in my unsorted bookmarks folder on chrome, and sometimes I even email them to my kindle. And yet, these treasures, full of words and ideas and stories and jokes and things I've never heard before, remain unread, waiting for a day that will never come. The day that I decide to sit down and physically read all of the URLs I've collected throughout the years.

That's why I'm building Readby. Readby is a tool that allows you to listen to anything, not just media that is already distributed in audio format. Readby uses text to speech AI to dynamically produce audio recordings of whatever text a user inputs.

Readby is still in early development. I'm currently trying to build an MVP using Next JS, Firebase, and the Google Cloud Text to Speech API. If you are interested in Readby or think you could help me build it, please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, leave me alone! You're distracting me!!! I'm trying to build a business here!!!